Another Loss, Another Gain

I gained another angel last August 26, 2013. This happened when our neighbor, who’s a police shot one of my dogs to his death just because my dog tried to “threaten” him behind our house gates. I don’t believe his term though since he was behind our gates and my dog fell like one foot behind it after he got shot.

In all ways our neighbor gets the blame for he is in no position to do such a thing even if my dog bit his daughter the night before. Besides, it’s his daughter’s fault because she climbed our Bayabas/Guava tree on our front yard and got her foot stuck in our grills. As a guard dog, it is only instinct that my dog, Tantan, would defend his territory. Even so, it’s understood for me to take charge of their expenses since the child was bitten by my dog but with what my neighbor did, I called it quits. He was off duty and with no reason to use his gun and put justice into his hands to take an innocent life. All cases point to them, trespassing, abuse of authority plus violation of the animal welfare act.

Every now and then I still blame myself for not being there but I guess it’s part of the grieving phase. I didn’t cry much but I had my moments. I am truly grateful for my dog’s service to our family and God knows how much I treasure my pets. I love them so much. Even more than humans.

I’ve grown attached to my pet dogs because I’m an only child and pets are the only ones who are always there for me when no one else will. Dogs will never judge you, they will always be loyal and faithful and they’ll never pretend to show what they feel. I’d say they’re even better than humans.

The Lord will take care of the offender and I’m sure he will learn his lesson the hard way.


I will forever miss you Tantan. I will always remember you as the sweet and quiet one who will always stay in the corner. You loved drinking water so much no matter how weak you are when you got your rabies shots. You wouldn’t eat standing up which looked adorable and you never started a fight with the others. Thank you for the 6yrs you’ve been with us. I love you.