Mt. Cinco Picos Traverse

I was given the opportunity to join the anniversary climb of the ADDICT Mountaineers. For me, my fiance Steve and our friend Ley, this was our first traverse, our 3rd climb and our 2nd major mountain climb.

It was all excitement because we were told that we’ll be camping by the beach which will be like an outing altogether besides climbing, plus it’s a traverse, no more going back to the starting point.

We left Manila at 10pm from Victory Cubao Bus Terminal. Arrived at Olongapo around 1am. Rode a jeepney going to the starting point which was at Pundaquit, Zambales.

We started our trek at 3:30am. It was our first time trekking without sunlight so it was really an adventure even if the trail seemed the usual rocky and grassy path.

There were several muddy encounters and two river crossings (the rivers were too shallow to be afraid of so sa’ll good!)

This is not even halfway of the hike. lol Isn't this a breathtaking view?

This is not even halfway of the hike. lol Isn’t this a breathtaking view?

This trail is challenging because it's like going through thorns.

This trail is challenging because it’s like going through thorns.


We passed through trails that were burnt. Caused by the sun's heat or by careless trekkers who just leave their cigarettes on the trail? Sadly, I found out it's the latter reason most of the time.

We passed through trails that were burnt. Caused by the sun’s heat or by careless trekkers who just leave their cigarettes on the trail? Sadly, I found out it’s the latter reason most of the time.

It took us a total of 10hrs of trek and hike. It really tested our endurance and patience. Besides the rocky and steep trails was the additional scorching heat from the sun. The unique and the most challenging path we went through was the burning leaves that looked liked a mini forest fire. It scared me a little because I thought we wouldn’t be able to pass through and would have to find a longer way to reach our campsite. Phew!


Silanguin Cove... aaahhh! Achievement Unlocked!

Silanguin Cove… aaahhh! Achievement Unlocked!



This is during our socials after dinner. It was fun getting to know fellow hikers.


going home

Group picture before going home! ^_^

We even found out that our bangkero (boatman) is a Surfer Dude! lol

Surf's Up!

Surf’s Up!

One boat captured my attention…

God knows us better than we know ourselves.

God knows us better than we know ourselves.

Our First Mountain Climb: Mt. Cristobal

I have always been amazed about nature and all its glory. Always envied mountaineers who get to climb to the summit of mountains and appreciate God’s creation.

Thankfully, my boyfriend’s older brother (Kuya) JR, is a mountaineer himself. We even tease him Java Man because he’d rather climb mountains during weekends rather than attend family gatherings. We can’t blame his addiction though, coz when we experienced it first hand, all the excruciating climb, treks and swings we did before reaching the campsite and the summit was all worth it. The view at the top of the mountain was just simply as they say “breathtaking” after the literal breath-taking climbing process before it.

We were given a chance to climb with Kuya JR and his moutaineer friends on a climb to Mt. Cristobal in Dolores, Quezon last December.

A few facts about Mt. Cristobal:

– a.k.a Devil’s Mountain since the opposite mountain is Mt. Banahaw a.k.a Holy Mountain.

– 1,470m high. I was able to check the altitude while on the summit and my watch read 1, 450m.

– takes 4-6hrs climb depending on how long/often you rest in between.

– there are two campsites: first one is near the crater. The site is kind of rocky plus you don’t want to be near the crater coz I heard one of our guides say that the mini crater lake there is kind of like a quick sand, once you step near the lake itself, you’d just fall deep. ¬†The second one is where we stayed, it is covered by tall trees and is kind of breezy and better. It’s also the nearest to the summit.


Picture of me at the summit. I don’t know if you can see it, but behind me, there’s the seven lakes of Laguna… it’s was pretty windy that’s why I have my hands on my favorite bonnet. lol


Here’s my Dad and Steve taking a break from the difficult trail.. They’re sitting on a big rock beside a cliff.


Here’s a first look on the campsite. We were the first ones to be there that’s why we got to see the real view of the empty campsite. We thought we’d have the campsite to ourselves but unfortunately, more campers came during the evening. They were quite a lot and kind of made our stay uncomfortable coz they were pretty noisy.


Our tents’ already set up so we can now take the time to rest and admire the beautiful, serene surrounding.


Here’s a picture with the group at the summit. We went into two groups where the others are left at the campsite to keep an eye on our tents and valuables since there were other campers.