This is a TV series on ABC that I watch oh so avidly!


THANKFULLY, it doesn’t involve vampires or werewolves! Pretty much based on reality since it ALSO doesn’t involve fairy tale characters or magic. It is about a daughter who seeks revenge for her father who was wrongfully accused by a powerful family, the Graysons, for an airplane crash years ago. The daughter is Amanda Clarke who changed her name to Emily Thorne so that no one will suspect that she is her father David Clarke’s daughter.

The turn of events are absolutely nerve wracking and unexpected. The story line is just amazingly written and you’d be left wondering about what happens next after each episode. Flashbacks are shown in other episodes so that the audience could have an understanding as to why some characters have come to be significant in the present time and why Emily Thorne wants that specific character to be out of the equation.

Season 2 just ended this May with Emily admitting to her childhood friend Jack Porter that she is indeed Amanda Clarke.

I can’t wait for Season 3!!!

Here’s a photo of the main cast, some of them will not be in Season 3 anymore. Watch it to find out who!!!