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Daranak Falls and Calinawan Cave with Papa


Backstreet Boys in Concert!

Company outing in Boracay

Maroon 5 in Concert!

Quitting our Jobs

US Trip with Steve


Getting Married



The Black/Blue or Gold/White Dress: I saw both colors!

I never thought I’d bother to blog about this controversial dress since I thought from the very beginning that this is just one of those attention seeking posts on social media. True enough, it did get attention from the whole world.

The Dress

For days I’ve been seeing posts about this dress. Even celebrities debated on it. I concluded that there are two photos of the dress, one in black/blue and one in white/gold and people are just trying to make an issue out of it. So all is good for me, didn’t care, not interested.

Until I came across a video of Ellen DeGeneres showing the dress on the TV screen beside her. Since I missed watching Ellen, I clicked on the video and had to listen to her quirks about it because I know she’s gonna say something hilarious (as always) about it.

So she shows the photo of #TheDress, I see it in Gold and White, which is the color she sees as well. As for her audience, majority agreed with her seeing White/Gold and a minority raised their hands for Black/Blue. She admitted later on that the dress was in fact Black/Blue then joked that the real dress is wrong (lol Ellen). Out of curiousity, I paused the video and went over to my fiancé, asked him what color he sees on the dress, and again, he agrees it is gold/white. So I’m good. We both agree.

Then I went back to my room and turned off the lights for “bill saving” purposes and played the video again. It shocked me seeing black/blue all of a sudden. Initially, I thought they changed the photo to show the dress in a different color but I went back to the very start of the video and I cannot see the gold/white anymore!

My fiancé, being an optometrist by profession had to explain it to me thoroughly, while I freak out, how that happened to me.

He said it had something to with the photosensitive cells/photoreceptors in our retinas called cones and rods. The cones are for the night vision while the rods are for the color vision. My eyes adjusted to both that’s why I saw the dress in white/gold first then black/blue later on which was the real color anyway. It still freaks me out really. That’s why I’m blogging about it now. How amazing is the human body!

Hong Kong Layover 2014

I have always pictured touring my boyfriend, now fiancé in the place where I grew up. It’s a little challenging since I grew up abroad, in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Thank you Lord for making it come true last Oct.26-Nov.8 of 2014.

We even had a one day tour during our Hong Kong layover since the airlines we took is Cathay Pacific because it’s cheaper than the straight flight from Bahrain’s local airlines, Gulf Air. Plus we get to do a side trip so it’s a win-win deal!


I went ahead and planned our itinerary in Hong Kong which included going to the places where we don’t need to pay entrance fees and are accessible via the MTR, but we discovered that riding the bus was more fun because we get to sight see the streets. These are also the places we didn’t get to go to the last time we visited Hong Kong in 2013 which was our first trip out of the country together. It was with his family though, nonetheless, it was super fun!


First stop, Snoopy’s World, because I looooove SNOOPY!!! We rode the bus going here straight from the airport. It’s within a mall called New Town Plaza in Sha Tin.


We brought bread from Breadtalk (Philippines) for snacks and bought drinks from a nearby convenient store using our Octopus card. This is more practical when you’re on a budget. Besides, this tour of Hong Kong is just a freebie from our major destination which is in Bahrain.

Next stop was The Avenue of Stars in Tsim Sha Tsui. This time we used the MTR going here. From Sha Tin station to Tsim Sha Tsui and then we walked to the place where we got to see the Hong Kong version of Hollywood’s walk of fame, plus the famous Bruce Lee statue and the Hong Kong skyline. It was very worth it!



We even discovered a place that was not in our itinerary but had the time to check out since we had the whole day to ourselves before our next flight. Besides, commuting around Hong Kong is convenient. The Hong Kong Avenue of Comic Stars!





Riding the A21 bus, here’s a snap of us two sitting at the top deck of a double deck bus. Hong Kong sights below.




Back at the airport, we got hungry so we decided to eat somewhere unusual. We ended up eating at this Food restaurant. They served good food which totally satisfied our hunger, affordable too! We used our left over Hong Kong dollars from our last trip so again, it didn’t cost us a thing from our budget for Bahrain. *applause*


Thank you again Hong Kong for accommodating us!

Something to think about…

I wanted to cry so badly for not buying more souvenirs and things for my friends and office mates. It didn’t feel enough. I so wanted to throw a tantrum for not getting that Sony Walkman Waterproof which was way cheaper in Bahrain than here in the Philippines. I don’t know, I guess I’m just too sleep deprived and homesick that the brat in me wants to get her way.

Then I came back to my senses and told myself, “It’s the thought that counts and that I don’t really need the Sony Walkman anyway.”

As soon as my eyes went back to reading the work assigned to me I saw this and now I feel better:

Paul’s description of the last days in 2 Timothy 3:1-9 reveals that the flesh will
dominate many believers’ lives. They will be self-centered, proud, and lovers of
pleasure instead of lovers of God. The way to avoid falling into this trap is to follow
the Holy Spirit’s leading. This means learning to say no to the world’s ways
and not following your flesh—what you want, what you think, and how you feel.

Audrey Hepburn, the epitome of beauty

I always thought Audrey Hepburn was just another celebrated persona who ended up in tragedy at a young age. I didn’t expect to find out the humanitarian legacy she left behind. Let alone the life she lived dedicated to her family even if it wasn’t perfect and that she lived till she was 63 years old.


I’ve known Breakfast at Tiffany’s as her most popular film since I’ve been hearing about it in high school and I have friends who actually went as Holly Golightly in halloween/costume parties. But I’ve never watched the film until last August. I found out that my favorite song to play in the flute “Moonriver” came from that movie. I was so smitten by that movie I watched it twice in one week and got LSS (last song syndrome) with Moonriver all over again. I just love that song!


Next, I was told by my office mate(who got into this A.H. addiction first) that Roman Holiday was her first film where she won the first Oscar award for Best Actress. I just had to watch that.


Then, I watched My Fair Lady and whoa! I found my other high school LSS which was “I could have danced all night“! I really don’t remember watching her films as a kid but I guess somehow I have seen them.

funny face the nun story

I also got to watch her other films Funny Face, where I saw her talent in dancing and The Nun Story, which somehow got me thinking that Audrey probably enjoyed shooting the film especially when the setting was in Africa helping the indigents.

Therefore, if I may say so, I have officially included Audrey Hepburn in the list of people I truly admire.

Audrey Hepburn old

This is the End (Movie Review)

This movie was released last 2013 but I was only able to watch it the other day when my office mate suggested it.

I didn’t know what to expect on the story but I already know it will be a comedy because of its cast: Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill, Jay Baruchel, James Franco etc…


Indeed it was hilarious but gruesome at the same time since the plot was about the apocalypse or the end of the world. I was surprised that celebs like Rihanna and Emma Watson agreed to participate in this movie. Even Michael Cera and Channing Tatum did cameo roles but portrayed very different characters from their usual serious/respectable roles especially if they’re playing as themselves.

What I particularly liked in the movie is making people/the audience aware about the Bible, how there IS a God and that there IS an end to this world. Although, they shouldn’t have used too much curse words especially during their ascendance to heaven. However, I liked the message they showed when James Franco was supposed to ascend to heaven because of the selfless deed he did for Seth and Jay but as he ascended through the blue light, he mocked Danny to “s*ck his d*ck” and so he ended up being eaten instead. He spoiled his chance of salvation. Yikes!

My favorite part?

When the Backstreet Boys appeared!!! lmao
90s kid over here so yeah! I am not ashamed!

I give this movie 6/10!

Mount Pico de Loro

This climb’s our 2nd this year and officially our 4th mountain overall. First day hike though.

Pico de Loro is popular for beginners and dayhikers as they say but I still had a pretty hard time trekking this mountain and climbing the super steep monolith or Parrot’s Beak which is mostly the goal of climbing Pico de Loro. They’ll tell you that your climb”s not complete if you don’t experience being on top of that monolith which is in front of the mountain’s summit.

We started our trek at around 6am after registering at the jump off point in Ternate, Cavite. We rode a bus from Coastal Mall in Pasay City at around 3am then arrived at Ternate, Cavite around 5:30am. Tricycle ride going to the jump off point or DENR post. You can even eat breakfast if you want coz there’s a sari-sari store, souvenir shop and carinderia in the area. That is also where hikers take a bath coz they have a number of restrooms where you only have to pay 5pesos.


It rained the night before, hence, the muddy trail. Look at the those fallen mangoes on the trail. It exuded a sweet rotten smell and a loooot of insects flying about. It made me hop from side to side faster just so I could get to the end right away.


Here’s my friend Ley trekking through the tree vines. At this point we’re about 20-30mins away from the campsite.


My Dad, who was the sole reason why we all got into this, showing us how to rappel up the steep rock going to the monolith. He climbed the monolith twice! First alone, then second was with us.


Me at the summit in front of the monolith or Parrot’s Beak. I was already satisfied just being there coz it seemed impossible for me to ever get on top of that monolith. It was my Dad who insisted we all go and so we did. Priceless experience yet again! Thank you Papa!

Since it was a day hike, no camping and all, we got back to the DENR post past 5pm. It was a good ol’ tiring 11-12hrs. Worth it but I don’t know if I’d go through it again. I need to lose a lot of weight first.