If you’re all about the Sci-Fi genre that makes you critically thinking about its complex turnarounds, then DARK is for you.

It’s a German TV Show on Netflix where the Sci-Fi theme revolves around time traveling and later on in the last season, something else.

It did give me a little bit of a Stranger Things vibe with it’s ambiance and setting but a little darker, hence the title. I found out that the creators of both shows drew inspiration from the same Sci-Fi and Thriller era, which was in the 80s.

I don’t want to say which one is better because as you go along, they’re pretty incomparable. They exude different levels of entertainment.

You’ll keep craving for more when it gets to the point where you’ll be lost in the timeline of the characters. It involves a lot of entanglement and connections amongst the characters so that’s where it’ll leave you hungry for more.

Though the bottomline is that everyone and everything is connected, it’s so mind blowingly executed that makes you theorize how on earth will they end such loop in the storyline without messing up the mind-blowing part.

Can’t wait for the last and final season in a few days.




What Am I into?

Since the dawn of this new virus that left us all staying at home while others fight for their lives, I’ve been trying to learn and discover more about what I can do to ease my mental stress because the outside world is so toxic for me right now.

So far, most Filipinos are resorting to Korean Dramas, we did too in the first month. I even got obsessed into crushing on this Korean actor Park Seo Joon. I always liked him since I watched his Kdrama Fight For My Way back in 2017 but not this way where I literally watched most, if not all of his dramas, even his variety show guestings and interviews. Gosh.


I just stopped watching him when I got back into watching Running Man and saw Lee Kwang Soo again, my all-time crush. lol


So yeah, the first one was all Korean Dramas, then the second month was a mix of Netflix and Korean Variety shows, then now it’s just back to American shows and movies.

Anyway, other stuff I’ve been into would be learning a little bit of Korean. Just so I could understand a little bit of what is flashed on the screen when watching Korean variety shows and understand a few of their words. Now I know their alphabet somehow and some common words or phrases.

Another thing I got into would be learning Baybayin, the pre-colonial writing system of the Filipinos. That’s something I never thought I’d get into because I always thought that Baybayin is kind of too… hipster? or unnecessary? I don’t know. Sorry if I thought that but yeah, I’m learning it somehow just so I know.


I actually realized how much of a hypocrite I am for learning other Foreign writing systems like Korean, Japanese and Arabic when I don’t even want to know my native one. So there, I know it now. It’s pretty easy since all you have to memorize are just the symbols or characters because it’s basically still the Filipino Alphabet.

Other interests I had were listening to Podcasts and watching videos about the following:

  • Unexplained Mysteries = Dyatlov Pass, Overtoun Bridge, Winchester Mansion, Sudden Savant Syndrome, The Silent Twins
  • Serial Killers = Ed Kemper, Rodney Alcala, Gary Ray Bowles, Robert Lee Yates, Jeffrey Dahmer, David Joseph Carpenter, Dana Sue Gray
  • Dictators = Genghis Khan, Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, North Korea’s Kims
  • English Royalty = Bloody Mary, Elizabeth I, Marie Antoinette
  • E-Books

That’s all Snitches!

Grace and Frankie



Sol and Robert, lawyers and business partners, who have been married to Grace and Frankie for 40 years, decide to come out to their wives as a gay couple after so many years of hiding so they can finally get married.

Grace and Frankie leave their respective homes and move to the beach house which both couples bought together in the past. This is where a deeper friendship between them develops.


It’s a show about finding friendship in abandonment and finding new ways to live in your prime after a failed marriage. Because it’s never too late to start your life anew, and with a person who’s going through the same thing but has a different outlook in life.

It tackles the realities of what the ageing society face as well as the endless possibilities they’re able to do despite their age. It’s like the more current and unfiltered version of The Golden Girls. Also kinda similar to Modern Family, but like, no kids under 30 years old play as main characters and the show’s probably catered to a demographic who are in their 30s and above.

My Take

The show is risky but not uncommon. It’s a light comedy with a few hard laughs here and there but the issues they tackle are serious when you come to think of it. It’s one of the many things I liked about it.

I’ve liked Jane Fonda since I saw her in the movie Monster-in-Law with Jennifer Lopez and Wanda Sykes aside from being aware about her prominence in the aerobics genre. Lily Tomlin is a new favorite. Most of her lines gave me the most laughs. Lily’s eccentric character gives out the obvious funny vibe opposite Jane’s who is more of the conventional and Boss lady-ish type.

I love the banter between Grace and Frankie in the early seasons. It showed how their relationship deepened into a more genuine, unconditional friendship.

The ex-husbands Robert(Martin Sheen) and Sol(Sam Waterston) have an adorable chemistry. I can’t unsee the gayness. The series displays the kind of relationship where Robert and Sol are just two people in love who want to be together for companionship and not be experimental because of their gender preference.


About their children, Grace and Robert’s girls:

  • Brianna(June Diane Raphael) – love her dry humor, this one. Pretty much like a funny Ice Queen, with a heart. I would like to call her Grace Jr. as she took over Grace’s skin care company called Say Grace. She’s really her own character even in the movie Bride Wars. I’m glad she got her own formidable role in this series.
  • Mallory(Brooklyn Decker) – the unhappy wife and mother of 4. Saw and liked her in the movie Just Go With It.

Then Frankie and Sol’s adopted sons:

  • Nwabudike or Bud(Baron Vaughn) – the sensible lawyer who takes over the Dads’ law firm when they decided to retire.
  • Coyote(Ethan Embry) – the teacher turned alcoholic who’s now sober and doing his best to put his life together. I like how sweet of a son he is to Frankie and how brotherly he is to the girls. Thought he was gay in the beginning, JSYK.


I’m in Season 5 as of now and I’d probably watch the whole series again so I could focus on some more details. I read some reviews that gave out some storylines I haven’t noticed so far. Kinda trying to slow down since I don’t want it to end too fast coz I finished 5 seasons in 3 weeks and that’s not so good.

Season 6 is already available and they’ve been renewed only until Season 7 which I think is fair enough because every time I watch an episode I keep thinking how Jane and Lily are in their 80s but still manage do so much action and dialogue as if they’re just in their 60s. I’m just not used to it but they sure do serve as an inspiration to keep myself healthy, and probably live a longer, fuller life.

I am sooo gonna miss them when it ends!!!


Well, that’s that on that!

I rate this series 5/5 *****



My favorite series of ALL TIME!

So no one told you life was gonna be this waaay…. *clap*clap*clap*

Yep you guessed it my loves… FRIENDS!!!

Now who does not love FRIENDS? … Nada!


9 years after the last season and still, people are crazy about it, watching its reruns, talking about it, relating life situations to it. Without FRIENDS, I’d never know how I have lived my life. No matter how overacting that may seem.

The first episode I watched of FRIENDS was already in Season 7 since they started when I was a kid and of course, I wouldn’t be able to appreciate the humor back then. That first episode encounter was in high school and I immediately got hooked. Thankfully, my Dad was able to get a copy of all the seasons from his co-worker. YAY!

Since they ended, channels have been playing reruns and I tell you, even if I already have the complete series saved in my hard drive, I still watch the episodes aired on TV. I know I’m not the only one who does that. FOR SURE.

Who would ever forget… (this is not even half of what we can never forget about FRIENDS)

rachel monica fights

The Rachel and Monica fights


Joey and Chandler’s barcaloungers


Ross’s Unagi


Phoebe’s shock when she found out about Chandler and Monica

The Chick and the Duck

The Chick and the Duck

phoebe sings

Phoebe’s songs especially Smelly Cat


The Apartment Game

How we all wish they’d have a reunion don’t we? But I guess it’s all good. They already left us with 10 seasons of memories. That’s a decade already. Watch it once for every decade and you’re sure to have a lifetime of FRIENDS. haha. j/k

Thank You FRIENDS for coming into our lives!

Orphan Black

I didn’t know I can dedicate one day in watching one whole season (10 episodes) of this new series I had no idea about. I just saw my friend’s tweets with hashtags of the title #OrphanBlack and got curious.

Good thing my other friend, series fangirl already has a copy of the whole first season which is another proof that this series has a promise. For one, I won’t be hooked for one day into finishing the whole first season if it wasn’t interesting.


I must say that I am very very very impressed with its lead actors let alone its lead actress Tatiana Maslany who’s a new name for me. She portrayed so many roles in one show where if they didn’t have the same face you’d think they’re really portrayed by different actresses. Tatiana’s a certified chameleon!!! She’s FRICKIN’ BRILLIANT!!!

No wonder people have been raving about her getting nominated for an Emmy and actually winning it! I won’t doubt that at all! She definitely deserves it and more!

I can’t say much about the plot coz I want people to be curious as how I was when I read/heard about it. I had no idea about the plot, genre, characters or anything! I just simply played the first episode!

This show caught my heart, mind and DNA. haha!

Waiting for season 2 which will be showing on April 2014 is major torture but I won’t get bored watching the first season all over again.

Another thing, I wouldn’t blog about this show if it wasn’t awesome.


This is a TV series on ABC that I watch oh so avidly!


THANKFULLY, it doesn’t involve vampires or werewolves! Pretty much based on reality since it ALSO doesn’t involve fairy tale characters or magic. It is about a daughter who seeks revenge for her father who was wrongfully accused by a powerful family, the Graysons, for an airplane crash years ago. The daughter is Amanda Clarke who changed her name to Emily Thorne so that no one will suspect that she is her father David Clarke’s daughter.

The turn of events are absolutely nerve wracking and unexpected. The story line is just amazingly written and you’d be left wondering about what happens next after each episode. Flashbacks are shown in other episodes so that the audience could have an understanding as to why some characters have come to be significant in the present time and why Emily Thorne wants that specific character to be out of the equation.

Season 2 just ended this May with Emily admitting to her childhood friend Jack Porter that she is indeed Amanda Clarke.

I can’t wait for Season 3!!!

Here’s a photo of the main cast, some of them will not be in Season 3 anymore. Watch it to find out who!!!


Once Upon a Time

I grew up watching fairy tales, so the moment I saw the trailer of this new series produced by ABC called “Once Upon A Time”, I got all excited that there’s a series that involved fairy tale characters.

Luckily, my friend Kimchi also likes this new series that she even got to download its episodes. I don’t have to wait for it every week to air on cable, I even get to save it in my external hard drive!


The story evolves around two settings: the Fairy Tale world where all the characters originally come from and Storybrooke, Maine which is dated at present time where most of the fairy tale characters are banished into because of a spell done by the Evil Queen Regina who is the stepmother of Snow White. You will develop a love and hate relationship with Regina because of the story’s twists and flashbacks but nonetheless, I LOVE HER!


Lana Parrilla as Mayor Regina Mills of Storybrooke/Evil Queen of Fairy Tale World

This is where Rumpelstiltskin is also the Beast who falls in love with Belle, where Jack who killed the giant is actually a woman, where the Queen of Hearts in wonderland is the mother of Snow White’s stepmother!

I’m gonna leave it at that. This awesome series is already working on its 3rd season to be aired this September 2013.

The costumes and special effects are regal plus the twists and turns of events and how fairy tale characters got involved are just impressively written!