If you’re all about the Sci-Fi genre that makes you critically thinking about its complex turnarounds, then DARK is for you.

It’s a German TV Show on Netflix where the Sci-Fi theme revolves around time traveling and later on in the last season, something else.

It did give me a little bit of a Stranger Things vibe with it’s ambiance and setting but a little darker, hence the title. I found out that the creators of both shows drew inspiration from the same Sci-Fi and Thriller era, which was in the 80s.

I don’t want to say which one is better because as you go along, they’re pretty incomparable. They exude different levels of entertainment.

You’ll keep craving for more when it gets to the point where you’ll be lost in the timeline of the characters. It involves a lot of entanglement and connections amongst the characters so that’s where it’ll leave you hungry for more.

Though the bottomline is that everyone and everything is connected, it’s so mind blowingly executed that makes you theorize how on earth will they end such loop in the storyline without messing up the mind-blowing part.

Can’t wait for the last and final season in a few days.




Book Review: More Myself

More Myself

I recently blogged about my interest in reading E-books and one of the books I downloaded is Alicia Keys’s book entitled More Myself. As a fan on the sides, meaning not really die hard but I’m well aware how great she is as a musician, I got curious upon seeing that she published a book about her life journey.

Most people are aware that she’s one of the few or probably the only celebrity who goes on stage without any make up. I always thought that she’s pretty carefree and unbothered about what others think of her even before reading her book.

In her book I discovered the following about her:

  • Her Mom almost aborted her
  • She’s a classically trained pianist who lived in Hell’s Kitchen, NY
  • She was part of a girl group in the beginning but Music Execs urged her to go solo
  • She graduated Valedictorian in High School
  • She entered Columbia University but chose her love for music over a college degree
  • She’s very close to her paternal Grandparents but not her father, I almost got teary eyed reading the part about her Grandma’s passing.
  • She’s very passionate about her beliefs
  • She knows her privilege and uses it wisely especially when it comes to social issues
  • She’s very spiritual and practices Kundalini yoga

And here are my favourite quotes from her book:

“It’s hard to pinpoint the precise moment when we internalize others’ assessments; it’s usually not just a single experience but rather a series of moments that bruise the spirit and lead us to distrust ourselves and those around us.”

“Death is a gift meant to wake up the living, to nudge us toward a life of purpose and intention.”

“Bliss is a beautiful destination, but you can often only reach its shores after a turning point.”

“Let’s live our lives more aware and awake to both ourselves and the surrounding world.”

“What makes us different is also what makes us wildly, boldly, and marvelously who we were born to be.”

She’s truly one of the Unbothered and Unapologetic Queens promoting self-love and self-discovery which every one should be able to do.





What Am I into?

Since the dawn of this new virus that left us all staying at home while others fight for their lives, I’ve been trying to learn and discover more about what I can do to ease my mental stress because the outside world is so toxic for me right now.

So far, most Filipinos are resorting to Korean Dramas, we did too in the first month. I even got obsessed into crushing on this Korean actor Park Seo Joon. I always liked him since I watched his Kdrama Fight For My Way back in 2017 but not this way where I literally watched most, if not all of his dramas, even his variety show guestings and interviews. Gosh.


I just stopped watching him when I got back into watching Running Man and saw Lee Kwang Soo again, my all-time crush. lol


So yeah, the first one was all Korean Dramas, then the second month was a mix of Netflix and Korean Variety shows, then now it’s just back to American shows and movies.

Anyway, other stuff I’ve been into would be learning a little bit of Korean. Just so I could understand a little bit of what is flashed on the screen when watching Korean variety shows and understand a few of their words. Now I know their alphabet somehow and some common words or phrases.

Another thing I got into would be learning Baybayin, the pre-colonial writing system of the Filipinos. That’s something I never thought I’d get into because I always thought that Baybayin is kind of too… hipster? or unnecessary? I don’t know. Sorry if I thought that but yeah, I’m learning it somehow just so I know.


I actually realized how much of a hypocrite I am for learning other Foreign writing systems like Korean, Japanese and Arabic when I don’t even want to know my native one. So there, I know it now. It’s pretty easy since all you have to memorize are just the symbols or characters because it’s basically still the Filipino Alphabet.

Other interests I had were listening to Podcasts and watching videos about the following:

  • Unexplained Mysteries = Dyatlov Pass, Overtoun Bridge, Winchester Mansion, Sudden Savant Syndrome, The Silent Twins
  • Serial Killers = Ed Kemper, Rodney Alcala, Gary Ray Bowles, Robert Lee Yates, Jeffrey Dahmer, David Joseph Carpenter, Dana Sue Gray
  • Dictators = Genghis Khan, Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, North Korea’s Kims
  • English Royalty = Bloody Mary, Elizabeth I, Marie Antoinette
  • E-Books

That’s all Snitches!

In Singapore

I vowed to myself to have at least one out of the country flight every single year so 2016’s travel pick is the wonderful Lion City… SINGAPORE!

We realized that Singapore is a common travel destination for almost everyone aside from Hong Kong. We’ve been to major destinations like USA and Middle East so why not explore one of the nearest ones around Philippines?

So I planned a 3-day itinerary that wouldn’t cost us much. My husband has this thing of not wanting to go through expensive entrance fees so I accept the challenge of only going to places where we wouldn’t spend as much but will still be able to visit the major attractions.

Our first day…

  • Arrival at Changi Airport
  • MRT ride to Aljunied Station where our booked hotel(via Agoda.com) was located
  • Got lost for a while looking for our hotel, checked in at 2:00pm, Fragrance Hotel-Pearl. Rested for a while. It was so hot! Even though we were warned by friends and family who have been there but damn was it hot!
  • Back to the MRT going to Marina Bay Sands via Bayfront Station.
  • By the way, Bayfront station ends you up inside the actual Marina Bay Sands mall, we thought it would end us up looking at it from the popular Merlion statue, but it was a discovery that lead us to Gardens By The Bay, another popular attraction.

At least we got to see the Marina Bay Sands Hotel up close. Tee Hee!


They were really pretty.

  • Go down via Raffles Place or Marina Bay station if you want to end up at the Merlion Statue with the Marina Bay Sands as your background or view.
  • We had a short stop at the Chinatown area, we got to see the busy street with lots of tourists, restaurants, bars and stores, but my research said that Bugis street is the cheaper option for souvenirs.
  • Last stop was the famed Bugis Street. This is where we ate dinner but we got there pretty late so we weren’t able to have that many food choices. I ate Carrot cake and my husband ate noodles of some sort.

    Saw this was a must eat according to my research. Carrot Cake

    Second Day…

  • Went to Bakut Timah Railroad from King Albert Park Station, it’s an unused old railroad that some backpackers or tourists try to visit. We  got lost looking for it but saw it the moment we gave up. lol! Easy tip to find it is that it kinda looked like an overpass. The Ngee An Poly Park was where we ended up when we decided to give up. Another tip, you’re not supposed to reach King Albert Park either. The railroad is all before those so-called parks.


  • Botanic Gardens – nothing too grand to see here but it was a good walking exercise.
  • Sentosa – I guess this is the only place where we paid for an entrance fee. We didn’t go to Universal Studios though, just the ticket for the train. We just did a walking tour around Sentosa. It was well worth it but really hot. There were so many Indian tourists. One big group even had a red t-shirt as their uniform and my husband blended in. lol!
  • Clark Quay. Might as well visit this place.


  • To sum up our day, we met up with Steve’s old friend  Mac and his wife Noreen who lives there and we ate at this hawker center by the marina bay called Makansutra. This is where we got to eat the chili crab and cereal prawns.

Third and Last Day…

  • After check out time at Fragrance Hotel: Pearl, we decided to go to the other popular places like Orchard Road and Little India. It was midday so the sun was up and about! We tried to walk around Little India for a while but found that it was too ordinary, perhaps it’s more colorful in the evening, but in the morning, no thank you.


  • At Orchard Road, we didn’t bother going out of the station anymore, so that’s one more place we have to go back to.

Waiting for out flight. Double thumbs up on Singapore’s waiting areas and really fast internet!



Ideally, going out in Singapore should either be early in the morning or late in the afternoon until the evening because it is just really hot during midday and you can’t even feel the wind. We were kinda lucky it rained a little on our second day so it wasn’t THAT hot the whole day but it shows otherwise for my ever sweaty partner. I bet during Summer months it’s killin’ just like back home in Bahrain where it hits 40 degrees celsius at times.

What I think about the city is that it’s like a world inside a bubble. Like a modern city inside a bubble. You can feel it’s a small city and everything is accessible with public transportation. I would come back again though, I know there are still lots of places we haven’t explored. Singapore has one of the best looking airports I have ever been to as well.

See you again SG!



Mount Pico de Loro

This climb’s our 2nd this year and officially our 4th mountain overall. First day hike though.

Pico de Loro is popular for beginners and dayhikers as they say but I still had a pretty hard time trekking this mountain and climbing the super steep monolith or Parrot’s Beak which is mostly the goal of climbing Pico de Loro. They’ll tell you that your climb”s not complete if you don’t experience being on top of that monolith which is in front of the mountain’s summit.

We started our trek at around 6am after registering at the jump off point in Ternate, Cavite. We rode a bus from Coastal Mall in Pasay City at around 3am then arrived at Ternate, Cavite around 5:30am. Tricycle ride going to the jump off point or DENR post. You can even eat breakfast if you want coz there’s a sari-sari store, souvenir shop and carinderia in the area. That is also where hikers take a bath coz they have a number of restrooms where you only have to pay 5pesos.


It rained the night before, hence, the muddy trail. Look at the those fallen mangoes on the trail. It exuded a sweet rotten smell and a loooot of insects flying about. It made me hop from side to side faster just so I could get to the end right away.


Here’s my friend Ley trekking through the tree vines. At this point we’re about 20-30mins away from the campsite.


My Dad, who was the sole reason why we all got into this, showing us how to rappel up the steep rock going to the monolith. He climbed the monolith twice! First alone, then second was with us.


Me at the summit in front of the monolith or Parrot’s Beak. I was already satisfied just being there coz it seemed impossible for me to ever get on top of that monolith. It was my Dad who insisted we all go and so we did. Priceless experience yet again! Thank you Papa!

Since it was a day hike, no camping and all, we got back to the DENR post past 5pm. It was a good ol’ tiring 11-12hrs. Worth it but I don’t know if I’d go through it again. I need to lose a lot of weight first.



Mt. Cinco Picos Traverse

I was given the opportunity to join the anniversary climb of the ADDICT Mountaineers. For me, my fiance Steve and our friend Ley, this was our first traverse, our 3rd climb and our 2nd major mountain climb.

It was all excitement because we were told that we’ll be camping by the beach which will be like an outing altogether besides climbing, plus it’s a traverse, no more going back to the starting point.

We left Manila at 10pm from Victory Cubao Bus Terminal. Arrived at Olongapo around 1am. Rode a jeepney going to the starting point which was at Pundaquit, Zambales.

We started our trek at 3:30am. It was our first time trekking without sunlight so it was really an adventure even if the trail seemed the usual rocky and grassy path.

There were several muddy encounters and two river crossings (the rivers were too shallow to be afraid of so sa’ll good!)

This is not even halfway of the hike. lol Isn't this a breathtaking view?

This is not even halfway of the hike. lol Isn’t this a breathtaking view?

This trail is challenging because it's like going through thorns.

This trail is challenging because it’s like going through thorns.


We passed through trails that were burnt. Caused by the sun's heat or by careless trekkers who just leave their cigarettes on the trail? Sadly, I found out it's the latter reason most of the time.

We passed through trails that were burnt. Caused by the sun’s heat or by careless trekkers who just leave their cigarettes on the trail? Sadly, I found out it’s the latter reason most of the time.

It took us a total of 10hrs of trek and hike. It really tested our endurance and patience. Besides the rocky and steep trails was the additional scorching heat from the sun. The unique and the most challenging path we went through was the burning leaves that looked liked a mini forest fire. It scared me a little because I thought we wouldn’t be able to pass through and would have to find a longer way to reach our campsite. Phew!


Silanguin Cove... aaahhh! Achievement Unlocked!

Silanguin Cove… aaahhh! Achievement Unlocked!



This is during our socials after dinner. It was fun getting to know fellow hikers.


going home

Group picture before going home! ^_^

We even found out that our bangkero (boatman) is a Surfer Dude! lol

Surf's Up!

Surf’s Up!

One boat captured my attention…

God knows us better than we know ourselves.

God knows us better than we know ourselves.

Run for your Health!!!

I’m an avid fun runner. I have joined 8 fun runs in two years now. My first fun run was the Energizer Night Run in 2011. It was a superb first time experience coz we got to run in the evening since I hate waking up at dawn, the usual fun run call time. No wonder fun runs and marathons have become a booming business because of singlet designs, charity causes, freebies, medals and of course the health benefits.

Running is not as easy as you think. If you want to be serious, you need to train at least twice a week. I run once a week but I include brisk walking daily when I commute to and from work. Not to mention our 9 flights of stairs in the apartment when the elevator shuts down past curfew(i know right?). Anyhoo, I used to run 10mins per kilometer but I have narrowed it down to 6-7mins now which is progress. I used to wake up with sore muscles and body ache the next day coz of all the running. I didn’t even run the full distance, I had brisk walking in between. The last two runs didn’t give those aches anymore though, I guess it’s just a matter of getting used to it.

Just so you know…

I call myself a Fun Runner because I have never tried running for 21km.. yet, which is the half marathon. I ought to someday. There’s a difference between a marathon and a fun run. Fun Runs consist of distances from 500m to usually 10km which sometimes can be 16km or 18km while Marathons start at 21km which will take you about 2hrs 30mins or so, if you’re an average runner, then 42km for a full marathon. Some marathons even go further to 80km or more.

Things I consider in joining Fun Runs:

1. The singlet design and freebies

– Yes, I consider the singlet design and freebies. Nuff said.


2. If there’s a medal

– The distance I often run don’t include medals which is the 5k category. It’s a plus if they do. I’m promoting my running distance to 10k so I’d have better chances in acquiring more medals. 21km distances always include medals and Finisher’s Shirts sometimes. I aim to run in the 21km distance in 2014.


3. The cause

– Fun Runs started for a cause like Run for Pasig River, Run Against Diabetes, Run Against Breast Cancer etc. until some organizers made it a business. People think they benefit from the running with a few freebies but they don’t know that the organizers benefit more from the sponsors and the unreasonable high price for the registration. C’est la vie!

world vision

4. Popularity

– If a number of celebrities and politicians joined the run, expect more people to join too. However, the runs I don’t wanna join in again are the ones that are way too popular that wouldn’t give me a chance to actually run at my own pace.


5. Location

– I highly recommend that people who join fun runs should also consider the location. Most of the fun runs I joined were held in Bonifacio Global City, one was held in Tagaytay. I didn’t mind the location that much before until I joined a run held around Mall of Asia, we had to run past this river in Macapagal Ave and whoah does it stink! It gave me a headache after the run instead of making me feel good.

Joining fun runs has been my motivation in being more physically active because I’m naturally lazy. It motivates me because of the money spent, the call time and the other runners who join. I get so inspired seeing runners who I think look less active than I am run nonstop during these events, it’s such a challenge!