Brainfart: OCD

The term OCD (Obssesive Compulsive Disorder) or claiming to have OCD is used often to describe people’s meticulosity these days. I always encounter people say that they’re “OCD”, “OC” or “Oc-Oc” when it comes to being compelled to organize or arrange certain things that are in disarray even in public. I myself do that. I always find myself arranging grocery items in the shelves of supermarkets, or putting back items that are out of place (y’know those things that people finally decide not to get, or maybe saw something better but are in a hurry or too lazy to put it back where it originally was).

Some find it irksome when normal people use the term OCD/OC to describe that compulsion. They find it insulting for actual people diagnosed with OCD as it is defined as a serious mental illness.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorderis a mental disorder where people have to check things repeatedly and or obsess about a certain thing repeatedly. And it’s something they cannot fully control. 

I had a phase this year where I watched the UK show entitled Obssessive Compulsive Cleaners where people, some diagnosed with OCD and some who are just obsessive cleaners, are given the challenge to clean out people with dirty places.

These people with dirty places are hoarders whom are either suffering from depression or are disabled. In conclusion, both types of people end up helping each other which I guess is the goal of the show.

I guess I understand those people who use the term OC to justify their sense of meticulousness but I also understand those people who find offense when that word is used for that context.

So I guess it’s safer to use the words or call themselves meticulous, particular or nitpicky. 

Instead of saying,”I’m very OC about my things.” Just say, “I’m very particular/meticulous about my things.”

OR plain, just call yourself a perfectionist or a neat freak because having OCD is way more than just being organized.