Audrey Hepburn, the epitome of beauty

I always thought Audrey Hepburn was just another celebrated persona who ended up in tragedy at a young age. I didn’t expect to find out the humanitarian legacy she left behind. Let alone the life she lived dedicated to her family even if it wasn’t perfect and that she lived till she was 63 years old.


I’ve known Breakfast at Tiffany’s as her most popular film since I’ve been hearing about it in high school and I have friends who actually went as Holly Golightly in halloween/costume parties. But I’ve never watched the film until last August. I found out that my favorite song to play in the flute “Moonriver” came from that movie. I was so smitten by that movie I watched it twice in one week and got LSS (last song syndrome) with Moonriver all over again. I just love that song!


Next, I was told by my office mate(who got into this A.H. addiction first) that Roman Holiday was her first film where she won the first Oscar award for Best Actress. I just had to watch that.


Then, I watched My Fair Lady and whoa! I found my other high school LSS which was “I could have danced all night“! I really don’t remember watching her films as a kid but I guess somehow I have seen them.

funny face the nun story

I also got to watch her other films Funny Face, where I saw her talent in dancing and The Nun Story, which somehow got me thinking that Audrey probably enjoyed shooting the film especially when the setting was in Africa helping the indigents.

Therefore, if I may say so, I have officially included Audrey Hepburn in the list of people I truly admire.

Audrey Hepburn old

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