My favorite series of ALL TIME!

So no one told you life was gonna be this waaay…. *clap*clap*clap*

Yep you guessed it my loves… FRIENDS!!!

Now who does not love FRIENDS? … Nada!


9 years after the last season and still, people are crazy about it, watching its reruns, talking about it, relating life situations to it. Without FRIENDS, I’d never know how I have lived my life. No matter how overacting that may seem.

The first episode I watched of FRIENDS was already in Season 7 since they started when I was a kid and of course, I wouldn’t be able to appreciate the humor back then. That first episode encounter was in high school and I immediately got hooked. Thankfully, my Dad was able to get a copy of all the seasons from his co-worker. YAY!

Since they ended, channels have been playing reruns and I tell you, even if I already have the complete series saved in my hard drive, I still watch the episodes aired on TV. I know I’m not the only one who does that. FOR SURE.

Who would ever forget… (this is not even half of what we can never forget about FRIENDS)

rachel monica fights

The Rachel and Monica fights


Joey and Chandler’s barcaloungers


Ross’s Unagi


Phoebe’s shock when she found out about Chandler and Monica

The Chick and the Duck

The Chick and the Duck

phoebe sings

Phoebe’s songs especially Smelly Cat


The Apartment Game

How we all wish they’d have a reunion don’t we? But I guess it’s all good. They already left us with 10 seasons of memories. That’s a decade already. Watch it once for every decade and you’re sure to have a lifetime of FRIENDS. haha. j/k

Thank You FRIENDS for coming into our lives!

Hong Kong & Macau

This trip took place early this year, around last week of January to first week of February. I grew up taking stop overs in Hong Kong because of flying to and from Bahrain but I never actually stopped and appreciated things because of what looks like a fast paced city life going on. There was a time my family and some friends toured the city for a while but I can only remember vaguely.

I remember going to Ocean Park and seeing Peking ducks and snakes(phobia alert!) hanging in the food markets as menu of the day.

This year, my boyfriend’s family decided to take a trip there with a side trip to Macau for some bonding experience.

This Hong Kong Trip had many firsts for me.

– First trip with boyfriend overseas

– First trip to Macau

– First trip to Hong Kong Disneyland.

Well, just that but it’s significant for me.

I was particularly excited about this trip because it was winter season! Winter fashion galore! We shopped for boots, trench coats, stockings, tights, leggings, long sleeves, turtlenecks, scarves, gloves and more! I just looove winter fashion!

Our vacay took about 4days and 3nights and we spent it at Regal Hong Kong Hotel.

Behold, the photos taken during our trip. I narrowed it down from the millions we took. Tihee!


Around the Golden Buddha, HK




Senado Square in Macau which leads up to the St. Paul Ruins


Grand Lisboa Hotel & Casino.
Macau is tax free because the casinos pay for it. It’s like the Las Vegas of Asia.


Hong Kong Disneylaaaaand!

October Wish

It’s that month of year again where I have to remember the time I was brought out to this world.

Lemme just give a sum up of what my life is about right now.

Family Aspect

Hmm, my Dad’s in Bahrain, he’s miles away and calls very seldom while I haven’t seen my mom for more than a year now plus we still have that misunderstanding going on. It’s already a good thing that my Dad gets to come home every 6mos and I know I could fix things so easily with my Mom but somehow I’m pretty much liking the way things are with us. It has given me and my Dad this certain freedom. It’s a long novel on how and why we feel that way. I find it difficult taking care of our assets alone though, especially with our dogs left at our house way back in Laguna. I need to always find time to go home and provide them with food. If only I could live and work in Laguna instead, but work is in the big city.

 Money Aspect

In the case of money, I guess that’s the part I should be most Thankful for because I am well provided by my Dad. Even if I don’t earn much with my job, I am well provided. It just gives me the guilty feeling that at my age I’m supposed to be the one helping out my parents financially. It also goes to the expenses I am faced, more money more expenses is the game. When I get to save, there will always be an unexpected incident where I need to spend more as well. I guess that’s how emergencies work.

Relationship Aspect

I am very grateful the way things are with me and my boyfriend right now but some things are still not in place. I guess I’ll keep it to myself for now. With my friends, I’m pretty proud of myself that I am able to maintain a lot of friends for the longest years which tells a lot about how I handle friendships. Being an only child made me treasure friendship that much. I’ll never trade them for anything else.

Work Aspect

I can’t really say I’m proud of my choices when it comes to career, the regret there is a very long list. But this is the kind of path life has led me to. I guess I haven’t found that purpose that will change the way I see my job but nevertheless, I am thankful for the people I work with, full of humility and optimism. An environment for someone as disturbed as me really needs.

October WISH!

It’s not such a tough time right now but I have my struggles and anxiety attacks so all I ask for is strength to face these struggles, faith to make it through, humility to accept my weaknesses, courage to take charge and wisdom to make the right choice.