Glee Star Cory Monteith’s Untimely Death

I stopped watching every episode of Glee from Season 3. I don’t know, I guess they don’t get my tickle anymore. I still anticipate their song performances in the episodes especially when it’s very much talked about.

The last episode I watched was “I Do” of Season 4, and I even loved the song number of “We’ve Got Tonight”.

Anyhoo, this July 13, 2013, one of the major characters of the show passed away in his hotel room in Vancouver, Canada. He was 31, and the cause of death is apparently an overdose of heroin and alcohol since he came from a night of partying with friends.


Cory Monteith, better known as Finn Hudson in the series. Tall, sweet looking canadian guy, who’s also engaged to his on/off Glee co-star love interest Lea Michele. They were to get married in two weeks when he died. Just imagine what Lea is going through right now. She’s mention that she never felt a time when Cory was not her boyfriend, that he always made her feel like she’s the luckiest girl in the world. Indeed she was.


I’d say that Cory has lived a full life in spite of his early passing. In his short stay in this world he has influenced more people than any ordinary person could ever have. He made a girl feel well loved, he wasn’t afraid to admit his drug addiction since his teenage years and he said it’s okay to be the underdog.┬áIt’s just sad how his life ended.

As for Lea Michele, i’m pretty sure Cory also loved her as much. Sad reality is she has to face the future without him. There’s definitely something better in store for her. God wouldn’t let her be sad for long. Cory just needs to be that one memorable chapter in her life.

Make sure to leave this world with a life well-lived.

Para kay B


I just finished reading this book written by the famous script writer Ricky Lee.

First things first, this is not for teenagers. It contains too much mature content like foul language, violence and sex.

This book is about love, 5 love stories and their endings. I’m not saying it’s happy.

Each chapter is dedicated to one story and the stories’ main characters are women. They are (in random order) Ester, Erica, Sandra, Bessie and Irene.

It’s kind of a mixture of fantasy and reality. Ricky Lee has an impressive way of activating your imagination in the weirdest way possible.

There’s a story about long lost love, incest, lesbians (although they don’t call themselves that), unrequited love and denied love.

I guess the best there is was that each one was able to accept the situation they were in and be relatively happy with how it ended up.

I’m not sure what Ricky Lee is pointing out here but at the end it showed that it is better to let go of a love instead of holding on for too long and hope that someway or somehow it will end up the way you want it. Reality happens the way it does, no one can edit or delete anything.

I give it 3 out of 5 Stars.