Mr. A-Z in Manila 2013


I can’t believe I was able to watch one of my favorite singer/songwriters perform LIVE!!! This is the first concert I ever went to after graduating college and since I’m not really a concert goer.

I have no regrets in the ticket prices, it was soooooo worth it! Even if I went for the general admission(845php) slots since it was a last minute decision, standing for more than two hours was nothing if it meant listening to him serenading the audience. His voice was really soothing to the ears.


Jason Mraz performed his heart out with a song list of most of my favorites from The Woman I Love, Lucky (duet with Zendee), I’m Yours, Living In The Moment and I Won’t Give Up.

He was so comfortable on stage as he took his time reaching out to the audience and his band was really good too. He even pulled off a fake british accent while he was introducing his next song which was “You F*ckin Did It”.

If you notice, I don’t have pictures of my own coz it was a last minute decision, meaning I wasn’t able to bring my camera and Jason was too far to be seen in my phone. Oh well! I dragged my boyfriend with me coz he LOVES Jason Mraz too! It was funny seeing him all giddy and excited watching one of his favorites.

It was such a superb experience I’ll never forget!

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