If you’re all about the Sci-Fi genre that makes you critically thinking about its complex turnarounds, then DARK is for you.

It’s a German TV Show on Netflix where the Sci-Fi theme revolves around time traveling and later on in the last season, something else.

It did give me a little bit of a Stranger Things vibe with it’s ambiance and setting but a little darker, hence the title. I found out that the creators of both shows drew inspiration from the same Sci-Fi and Thriller era, which was in the 80s.

I don’t want to say which one is better because as you go along, they’re pretty incomparable. They exude different levels of entertainment.

You’ll keep craving for more when it gets to the point where you’ll be lost in the timeline of the characters. It involves a lot of entanglement and connections amongst the characters so that’s where it’ll leave you hungry for more.

Though the bottomline is that everyone and everything is connected, it’s so mind blowingly executed that makes you theorize how on earth will they end such loop in the storyline without messing up the mind-blowing part.

Can’t wait for the last and final season in a few days.




Book Review: More Myself

More Myself

I recently blogged about my interest in reading E-books and one of the books I downloaded is Alicia Keys’s book entitled More Myself. As a fan on the sides, meaning not really die hard but I’m well aware how great she is as a musician, I got curious upon seeing that she published a book about her life journey.

Most people are aware that she’s one of the few or probably the only celebrity who goes on stage without any make up. I always thought that she’s pretty carefree and unbothered about what others think of her even before reading her book.

In her book I discovered the following about her:

  • Her Mom almost aborted her
  • She’s a classically trained pianist who lived in Hell’s Kitchen, NY
  • She was part of a girl group in the beginning but Music Execs urged her to go solo
  • She graduated Valedictorian in High School
  • She entered Columbia University but chose her love for music over a college degree
  • She’s very close to her paternal Grandparents but not her father, I almost got teary eyed reading the part about her Grandma’s passing.
  • She’s very passionate about her beliefs
  • She knows her privilege and uses it wisely especially when it comes to social issues
  • She’s very spiritual and practices Kundalini yoga

And here are my favourite quotes from her book:

“It’s hard to pinpoint the precise moment when we internalize others’ assessments; it’s usually not just a single experience but rather a series of moments that bruise the spirit and lead us to distrust ourselves and those around us.”

“Death is a gift meant to wake up the living, to nudge us toward a life of purpose and intention.”

“Bliss is a beautiful destination, but you can often only reach its shores after a turning point.”

“Let’s live our lives more aware and awake to both ourselves and the surrounding world.”

“What makes us different is also what makes us wildly, boldly, and marvelously who we were born to be.”

She’s truly one of the Unbothered and Unapologetic Queens promoting self-love and self-discovery which every one should be able to do.





What Am I into?

Since the dawn of this new virus that left us all staying at home while others fight for their lives, I’ve been trying to learn and discover more about what I can do to ease my mental stress because the outside world is so toxic for me right now.

So far, most Filipinos are resorting to Korean Dramas, we did too in the first month. I even got obsessed into crushing on this Korean actor Park Seo Joon. I always liked him since I watched his Kdrama Fight For My Way back in 2017 but not this way where I literally watched most, if not all of his dramas, even his variety show guestings and interviews. Gosh.


I just stopped watching him when I got back into watching Running Man and saw Lee Kwang Soo again, my all-time crush. lol


So yeah, the first one was all Korean Dramas, then the second month was a mix of Netflix and Korean Variety shows, then now it’s just back to American shows and movies.

Anyway, other stuff I’ve been into would be learning a little bit of Korean. Just so I could understand a little bit of what is flashed on the screen when watching Korean variety shows and understand a few of their words. Now I know their alphabet somehow and some common words or phrases.

Another thing I got into would be learning Baybayin, the pre-colonial writing system of the Filipinos. That’s something I never thought I’d get into because I always thought that Baybayin is kind of too… hipster? or unnecessary? I don’t know. Sorry if I thought that but yeah, I’m learning it somehow just so I know.


I actually realized how much of a hypocrite I am for learning other Foreign writing systems like Korean, Japanese and Arabic when I don’t even want to know my native one. So there, I know it now. It’s pretty easy since all you have to memorize are just the symbols or characters because it’s basically still the Filipino Alphabet.

Other interests I had were listening to Podcasts and watching videos about the following:

  • Unexplained Mysteries = Dyatlov Pass, Overtoun Bridge, Winchester Mansion, Sudden Savant Syndrome, The Silent Twins
  • Serial Killers = Ed Kemper, Rodney Alcala, Gary Ray Bowles, Robert Lee Yates, Jeffrey Dahmer, David Joseph Carpenter, Dana Sue Gray
  • Dictators = Genghis Khan, Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, North Korea’s Kims
  • English Royalty = Bloody Mary, Elizabeth I, Marie Antoinette
  • E-Books

That’s all Snitches!

Parasite (Movie Review)


I gotta be honest, I had no idea what this movie was about before watching it and actually expected a legit parasite invasion as the plot.

Before watching it, I already know it has won the Oscars amongst the many awards and I’ve seen Okja which was also a film by Bong Joon Ho.

You can always judge a movie by its director from the camera shots, genre and what not. Bong Joon Ho has that drama-comedy-thriller-fictional genre, which is pretty typical in Korean movies/TV shows plus really good camera work. That’s why I expected real parasites. My bad. I haven’t seen Snowpiercer though, which is one of his other known movies but basing it from Okja, I already know that it’ll be anxiety inducing as what Okja did to me.

One thing I also knew before watching the movie was that there’s a twist. I was anticipating the twist which made me think of the impossible and unpredictable but Bong Joon Ho really knows how to twist a movie alright. I guess what made the award giving bodies notice it is how realistic the plot is where you think you know everything, but in reality you don’t.


The message in the movie is strong and it showed a lot of parallels in real life. No wonder it gave an effect in South Korea about people living in semi-basements.

Honestly, the reality it depicts is not far from what happens in a third world country like ours, the Philippines. We are all parasites in our own way regardless of status.

In a third world country, rich people are dependent on the poor’s services while the poor are dependent on the rich because of compensation. Sometimes, the rich abuse the poor by expecting to do more for them in exchange for extra money.

It’s all the same, Korea’s semi-basement residents, India’s slums, Hong Kong’s “coffin” or cage houses and our very own informal settlers or what we used to call Squatters. They are all a pinch close to being homeless but still not.

What got me in the movie though is the detail of “the smell”. Though they kind of exaggerated it in the movie esp in the last part, I kind of understand how they associated a smell to the poor. I’m guilty about that somehow. It was geniusly weird of Bong Joon Ho to include that detail.

Aside from the screenplay, Bong Joon Ho was able to show the reality of the situation through symbolism, architecture and cinematic skills. A lot of interpretion came about with other movie reviews but I guess I won’t go too deep on that aspect. The message is pretty easy to understand if you’re aware of that part of the world. And so the awards were well deserved.

I give this movie 8/10 because I didn’t like the feeling it left me but of course that’s just my anxious scardy cat ass.



Grace and Frankie



Sol and Robert, lawyers and business partners, who have been married to Grace and Frankie for 40 years, decide to come out to their wives as a gay couple after so many years of hiding so they can finally get married.

Grace and Frankie leave their respective homes and move to the beach house which both couples bought together in the past. This is where a deeper friendship between them develops.


It’s a show about finding friendship in abandonment and finding new ways to live in your prime after a failed marriage. Because it’s never too late to start your life anew, and with a person who’s going through the same thing but has a different outlook in life.

It tackles the realities of what the ageing society face as well as the endless possibilities they’re able to do despite their age. It’s like the more current and unfiltered version of The Golden Girls. Also kinda similar to Modern Family, but like, no kids under 30 years old play as main characters and the show’s probably catered to a demographic who are in their 30s and above.

My Take

The show is risky but not uncommon. It’s a light comedy with a few hard laughs here and there but the issues they tackle are serious when you come to think of it. It’s one of the many things I liked about it.

I’ve liked Jane Fonda since I saw her in the movie Monster-in-Law with Jennifer Lopez and Wanda Sykes aside from being aware about her prominence in the aerobics genre. Lily Tomlin is a new favorite. Most of her lines gave me the most laughs. Lily’s eccentric character gives out the obvious funny vibe opposite Jane’s who is more of the conventional and Boss lady-ish type.

I love the banter between Grace and Frankie in the early seasons. It showed how their relationship deepened into a more genuine, unconditional friendship.

The ex-husbands Robert(Martin Sheen) and Sol(Sam Waterston) have an adorable chemistry. I can’t unsee the gayness. The series displays the kind of relationship where Robert and Sol are just two people in love who want to be together for companionship and not be experimental because of their gender preference.


About their children, Grace and Robert’s girls:

  • Brianna(June Diane Raphael) – love her dry humor, this one. Pretty much like a funny Ice Queen, with a heart. I would like to call her Grace Jr. as she took over Grace’s skin care company called Say Grace. She’s really her own character even in the movie Bride Wars. I’m glad she got her own formidable role in this series.
  • Mallory(Brooklyn Decker) – the unhappy wife and mother of 4. Saw and liked her in the movie Just Go With It.

Then Frankie and Sol’s adopted sons:

  • Nwabudike or Bud(Baron Vaughn) – the sensible lawyer who takes over the Dads’ law firm when they decided to retire.
  • Coyote(Ethan Embry) – the teacher turned alcoholic who’s now sober and doing his best to put his life together. I like how sweet of a son he is to Frankie and how brotherly he is to the girls. Thought he was gay in the beginning, JSYK.


I’m in Season 5 as of now and I’d probably watch the whole series again so I could focus on some more details. I read some reviews that gave out some storylines I haven’t noticed so far. Kinda trying to slow down since I don’t want it to end too fast coz I finished 5 seasons in 3 weeks and that’s not so good.

Season 6 is already available and they’ve been renewed only until Season 7 which I think is fair enough because every time I watch an episode I keep thinking how Jane and Lily are in their 80s but still manage do so much action and dialogue as if they’re just in their 60s. I’m just not used to it but they sure do serve as an inspiration to keep myself healthy, and probably live a longer, fuller life.

I am sooo gonna miss them when it ends!!!


Well, that’s that on that!

I rate this series 5/5 *****



Sergio, my first Hamster

May 22, 2019

Got a hamster for the first time. Named him Sergio.

We decided on his name when we saw the name Sergio written on one of my Dad’s hard hats inside our car. It took us about a week before we finally came up with his name.

We thought it suits him because it’s not cutesy like common hamster names and it sounds stubborn but gentle, just like how Sergio is.


This “Hamster thing” started when Steve’s niece, Aquila, made us pet sit her hamster, Hammy, while they take a vacation for a few days. I started to learn how to take care of the little rodent and realized that they’re actually condominium friendly. I’ve been wanting to have a pet in our condo for so long and dogs aren’t allowed. I hate cats. Birds can be noisy and I can’t touch fish.

I never knew how easy it would be to take care of a hamster and how adorable they could be until Hammy. They’re a common pet for kids which will teach them how to be responsible of taking care of another life.

Here are the pros:

  • They sleep during the day. Technically nocturnal but I’ve read some articles that they’re not really nocturnal. And they sleep-eat, yeah, they eat in between their sleeping hours with their eyes closed which is adorable! 

In Sergio’s case, he can be awake and active in the afternoon especially when I don’t bring him out during the night.

  • They don’t need to take a bath with water. They groom themselves. It even takes a while, they’re kinda neat-freaky if I can say so myself.

With Sergio, he takes an average of 10-15 minutes of grooming himself. Honestly, I got to wash my hands more frequently ever since we got him because I have to wash my hands before I touch him.

  • They’re generally quiet pets. The only noise they make is when they squeak or the noise coming from the nibbling or when their nails get caught in the fabric (i.e. bed sheets).

I can usually hear Sergio squeak when he gets hurt and when he’s miffed. He also makes noise when he’s running on his wheel but that’s because he doesn’t have a silent wheel.

  • They’re so fun to watch especially when they’re grooming, nibbling, or running on their wheel or whatever.

This is sooooo true! He really is cute and funny to watch even if he’s not really doing anything, just being himself!

  • They’re independent and pretty much introverted. Especially the Syrian breed, they’re supposed to be caged alone because they’re territorial.

It’s a pro for me because I don’t have to get another hamster just to give Sergio a companion. The small breeds like the Chinese and Roborovski ones they say can be caged together.



  • They only live on average for two years. Sad I know, but that’s their life span. So far I’ve read that the longest living hamster that was recorded aged until 7 years old. 
  • They’re delicate beings. You can tell when you hold them that their bodies are delicate and they could easily be injured. 
  • They’re too small and can get into hidden nooks and crannies so be careful when you let them out of their cage.


My Take

I’m glad I got to own a different kind of pet other than dogs. I would probably own a hamster for the rest of my life.


Elise (Movie Review)

A movie I didn’t expect to like. Let alone review or write about in my blog.


My Take

This is a light rom-com that would possibly tug on your heart strings in the end but nonetheless leave you hopeful that happy endings could be the kind you least expect them to be.

What I liked about this movie is the way it was executed. The setting, the timeline, the background music and the narration. It gave some major Korean and Thai rom-com movie vibes. It was kind of comparable to Korea’s My Sassy Girl and Thailand’s Crazy Little Thing Called Love.

It’s a little sad that a movie like this is not well talked about or promoted unlike the movies with the usual love teams and the ones about mistresses. Or maybe it is/was? I don’t know, I just watched it even if it was shown last year and here I am blogging about it because it’s a breath of fresh air for me.

It’s not a hugot movie like most of Bela Padilla and JC Santos’ movies and it has a different happy ending. Thanks to Netflix for making it available by the way. Tee hee!

Enchong Dee, Ms. Pilita Corrales and JackieLou Blanco’s acting skills were a given but I didn’t expect how good the supporting roles were. Kudos to the remarkable acting performances by the kid-versions of Bert and Elise and Remy. Add the funny friend Gian too. He was hilarious!

With Janine Gutierrez, I’ve never seen her in a movie so this is the first time and I don’t pay much attention when I see her on TV shows. She’s promising. All I can say.


  1. Things can go your way but not on your own terms.
  2. There is always hope to be happy again.
  3. Be a blessing to others.


I rate this 4/5. I do hope more movies like this will come out!

Side Note:

I’ve been practicing Fur Elise on the piano lately so I really enjoyed how they used it as background music with a Filipino twist.


January 2020

Australian Bush Fires

  • Breaks my heart seeing all those innocent animals lose their habitat. I felt so helpless and hopeless when it was happening. All I could do was pray and spread awareness about it.4000

Iran-USA War

  • Got me worried because my Dad still works in the Middle East although I kinda knew that most likely this will not push through. Good thing it really didn’t.

Ukrainian Plane crash killing 176 Passengers

  • Tragic. No survivors. Sad.

Taal Volcano Eruption

  • Got me so paranoid because the ash fall reached Metro Manila and we have a house in Calamba, Laguna which is pretty much closer to Taal, Batangas. I was thinking about the effect of the Mt. Pinatubo eruption in the 90s even if I wasn’t around at the time but it sure did bury a lot of lives and houses in lahar.
  • I feel bad for the evacuees especially the animals that got left behind. Good thing people gathered and helped out in rescuing the animals and gave out relief goods to the evacuees.
  • Our mountaineering group, AKAP Mountaineers was able to give out relief goods to some evacuees who got located in Calamba, Laguna. Thanks to Liz, my SIL, for wishing to do that good deed for her birthday.


Kobe Bryant, daughter Gianna and 7 other killed in a helicopter crash

  • Tragic indeed. Made the world sad as it is. It was bad that Kobe was involved but it got worse when they found out that he was with his daughter and some of her team mates. They still had a bright future ahead of them and it was cut short because of the tragedy.
  • I deem myself lucky because I was able to watch Kobe Bryant play in his last season at the Staples Center in 2015.


Novel Corona Virus

  • Originated from Wuhan, China and is now spreading in several countries. It is said that it started from Chinese people eating bats. As you know, Chinese people are notorious for eating exotic food and I guess this pretty much results from doing that.
  • I hope the infected people get cured and that it would stop spreading to other countries and the number of those getting infected will not increase.

On that note, hopefully all the bad news would stop in January because we’ve all had enough of it. I literally cried even before Kobe Bryant died coz I truly felt useless with all these calamities going on and I couldn’t do anything. I just exist.

Then again, who am I to say that bad things won’t ever happen anymore. I guess we should all just be prepared for anything and everything at anytime.



Disclaimer: Photos are not mine.

2018 Recap

January – UAE and Bahrain


Abu Dhabi, UAE



February – Mt. Daraitan with AKAP Mountaineers

March – Mt. Ugo with AKAP Mountaineers (Uncle Reuel’s first climb).


Mt. Ugo Summit

April – Mama’s 60th Birthday



May – PSB Reunion with Kate Rivera, Paulo and Avie.

– Meet up with CEU MedTech classmate Andrea “Dia” Telan after so many years.

June – School donation in Cuyapo with AKAP Mountaineers

July – Villa Escudero with Kuya Alex, Ate Steph and Ciana

– Golden Wedding Anniversary of In-Laws


Hotel ni Among, Vigan City

– Kitchie passed away (11yrs old)



– Watched Celine Dion concert with Mama (MOA Arena)


Celine Dion at MOA Arena

August – Kuya Melgar passed away.

September – Ryo’s 1st birthday (Jollibee, Vigan)

– Alvin and Rachel’s wedding (Gazebo Royale)

October – Watched Lea Salonga’s 40th Anniversary concert with Kim and Ley on my                            birthday!

November – Watched the musical “The Waitress” with Kim and her friends.

– Singapore and Malaysia


Batu Caves, Malaysia

– Watched AARON CARTER with Ley


Aaron Carter at New Frontier Theatre

– Mt. BatoLusong with AKAP Mountaineers

– Baguio with Papa, Auntie Nedie, Uncle Reuel and Mark Jayson

December – Mama’s cataract surgery

– Taipei, Taiwan with De Panos and JavaLizRyo


Taipei 101, Taiwan


Forever grateful for another year well spent!


Brainfart: OCD

The term OCD (Obssesive Compulsive Disorder) or claiming to have OCD is used often to describe people’s meticulosity these days. I always encounter people say that they’re “OCD”, “OC” or “Oc-Oc” when it comes to being compelled to organize or arrange certain things that are in disarray even in public. I myself do that. I always find myself arranging grocery items in the shelves of supermarkets, or putting back items that are out of place (y’know those things that people finally decide not to get, or maybe saw something better but are in a hurry or too lazy to put it back where it originally was).

Some find it irksome when normal people use the term OCD/OC to describe that compulsion. They find it insulting for actual people diagnosed with OCD as it is defined as a serious mental illness.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorderis a mental disorder where people have to check things repeatedly and or obsess about a certain thing repeatedly. And it’s something they cannot fully control. 

I had a phase this year where I watched the UK show entitled Obssessive Compulsive Cleaners where people, some diagnosed with OCD and some who are just obsessive cleaners, are given the challenge to clean out people with dirty places.

These people with dirty places are hoarders whom are either suffering from depression or are disabled. In conclusion, both types of people end up helping each other which I guess is the goal of the show.

I guess I understand those people who use the term OC to justify their sense of meticulousness but I also understand those people who find offense when that word is used for that context.

So I guess it’s safer to use the words or call themselves meticulous, particular or nitpicky. 

Instead of saying,”I’m very OC about my things.” Just say, “I’m very particular/meticulous about my things.”

OR plain, just call yourself a perfectionist or a neat freak because having OCD is way more than just being organized.